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И. Деркач

I. Derkach - doctor-gynecologist oncologist higher categories, PhD, worked 24 years.
After the Poltava Medical Institute, worked urgent obstetrician-gynecologists Zolotonishskoyi CRH. In 1987 transferred to Cherkassy Regional Oncology Dispensary.
1991-1992 years - Residency training in Kiev Institute of Pediatrics Obstetrics and Gynecology. Graduated courses in ultrasound diagnosis.
After clinical residency worked head office onkoginekologiya Сherkassky regional cancer clinic.
Participate in the European School of oncologists:
1996, Moscow 1997, Moscow, 1999 Warsaw, 2000 m. Koltse, 2001, Pozna?.
Graduate student, 2002-2005 Institute of Oncology AMS of Ukraine.
The dissertation for the degree of  candidate of medical science “Optimization of cervical cancer screening by introducing a unified system of computer monitoring”.
In the working group MH of Ukraine personally participated in preparing order of the “Screening Pathology cervix for 2005-2010″.
Continued work on the development and implementation of screening programs aimed at prevention and early detection of cervical cancer.