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мая 2009

Cervical erosion - these words are familiar almost every second woman of reproductive age. However, despite this «familiarity» This pathology is complex and ambiguous, even for specialists. Take note, even the fact that the true erosion is only 5% of cases, the other 95% «eroziy» - so-called pseudo erosion.
Following medical terminology, it should be noted that the term «psevdoeroziya» is more than a dozen other medical terms such as: ektopiya cylindrical epithelium, nabotovi cysts, retentsiyni cysts, follicular cervical erosion, cervical erosion zalozova area transformation zahoyucha or epidermizuyucha psevdoeroziya, zalozovo-cervical muscle hyperplasia, hypertrophy zalozovo-cystic cervical, glandular-stromal hyperplasia, and others. In fact, even scientific experts have different views on this terminology, so let it all remain professional.
So erosion cervix is very broad concept, which encompasses the visible changes on the surface of the cervix, volume, location, causes, and the main treatment which may be different.
Causes of Erosion
Erosion of the cervix can be caused by normal inflammation, travmatyzatsiyeyu during childbirth, abortion or other surgical interventions, hormonal changes as well as camouflage for the initial stage of cancer disease.
The first need to establish the cause of the problem, secondly to examine its nature.
Analysis of discharge to the exclusion of inflammatory genesis. Ultrasound of the brim, if necessary hormonal study panel to exclude hormonal etiology.
To study the erosion of the cervix carried out in-depth study of changes shyytsi uterus using special methods, namely, Pap test, visual tests (VIA) and (VILI), colposcopy, digital kolpohrafiya, if necessary, performed biopsy cervix.
How conducted the test?
§ Pap Test - cytological study of cervical smear cells after special staining. Getting a stroke is a relatively simple procedure performed by gynecologist or obstetrician. After withdrawal of the neck in a mirror, plastic scrub held capture cells from the cervix and tservi Kalnysh channel. After special staining smear study specialist tsytolohom.

§ VIA - visual assessment of changes in cervical mucus after processing 2% solution of acetic acid.

§ VILI - visual assessment of changes in cervical mucus after processing solution lugol.

§ Colposcopy - cervical test method with optical zoom.

§ Digital kolpohrafiya - study of the most changed areas cervix in the picture with digital zoom.

§ Biopsy - capture a small (several millimeters) pieces cervix to investigate histologically, which allows a final diagnosis.

All tests are completely painless. Intake of material takes a few minutes.

How treated?
Therapeutic tactics depend on the results of the survey. Only a gynecologist can determine this or that treatment, it is shown or contraindicated in each case. For example, if test results have diagnosed the true erosion, enough local conservative therapy in the form of candles or tampons. If erosion is found in girls under the age of 23 years, the cause of ektopiya cylindrical epithelium, with normal results kolposkopichnyh and cytological data, in this case does not require any intervention, just dyspansernoho supervision. In other cases show special methods of destruction (chemical destruction, cryodestruction, Electrosurgical, radiohirurhichna and laser destruction).

Which better?
All these methods have their indications and contraindications. In any case, treatment should be erosion on the one hand, radical, that is to delete all changed tissue, the aim of preventing cervical cancer from another careful not to cause cicatrical deformation fabrics, the aim of preserving povnotsinnosti cervix and reproductive function of women.
Last time, increasingly used the treatment of cervical erosion of laser and radio vaporyzatsiyi surgical method, which used a new generation Electrosurgical models - radiohirurhichni that use electromagnetic fluctuations, which significantly reduces the power load on the fabric, increase the ability to regenerate tissue, give the opportunity to get cosmetic effect compared with the results of laser operations with allow you to get material for morphological studies.

IF NOT Treat Erosion?
Availability nelikovanyh eroziy on shyytsi uterus entrance gate opens to viral infection, which is one of the most common infection transmitted through sexual contact, and starts the process peredpuhlynnoyi transformation.